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Ghosty Takes The #BeatTheClockChallenge Held by Walkz [Episode 1] | @MixtapeMadness


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Invite to the initial episode of our all new collection “Beat The Clock” in collaboration with adidas Originals.

Weekly our host Walkz will certainly be signed up with by a few of our favored manufacturers. They will certainly be provided 3 examples to select from, and also they will certainly have 10 mins to make a beat utilizing among them.

Today, Walkz is signed up with by “No Diet” manufacturer, Ghosty! Have a look at just how he does.

**Obtain Included**

Download and install examples: https://bit.ly/MMBeatTheClock

Get on TikTok and also utilize #BeatTheClockChallenge

We’re distributing a reward weekly for the very best access.
Obtain a better check out the most up to date adidas ZX: https://bit.ly/MMadidasZX

Comply with:
ProdByWalkz: @ProdByWalkz
Ghosty: https://www.instagram.com/ghostyuk/
Job Gorilla: https://www.instagram.com/projectgorillaofficial/

History songs & examples by: https://www.instagram.com/ayoludo/

**Please note**
Examples are NOT aristocracy totally free please get in touch with Ludo for a lot more details

Ghosty Takes The #BeatTheClockChallenge Held by Walkz [Episode 1] | @MixtapeMadness

download_video >>> https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=Q7IB0X9Kv-s

  1. ツRampz says

    I thought this yute was lucci from the thumbnail

  2. Finn Scannell says

    Man can hear pr sad, Double lz and possibly lucii on dis fr

  3. For Thews says

    MM buying fake views lool

  4. Heyivan says

    I m fell blessed

  5. jjnamid says

    Big icon

  6. BBK says

    Ghosty changed the scene with his drill sound, even the Americans want him to make there beats and bareeee people copy his style

  7. Louis says

    Show the piano roll more pussios

  8. GamingPyra says

    We defo need more of this 🔥

  9. Christi Alboo says

    What music app is that ?

  10. GIBBSY says

    Mans gonna hop on that challenge

  11. stuart beaumont says

    This is cold beat, doubble LLz n Izzpot would mirdah this beat 🧢⛔

  12. AK1 says

    808 melo pls and AXL

  13. ProdbyJR says

    Dunno about u man but I’m ready for episode 2

  14. Akira Havyarimana says

    Dezzie or pr sad would batter this beat

  15. Arturo says

    i love this already, including the sample in the description too. TOO MAD

  16. Trouty McSquire says

    Yeah, this series is cold

  17. GustavoLiving says

    Respect ghosty

  18. Mr. Bacon Donut says

    More like Goatsy

  19. Gavin Green says

    Well done lads, looking forward to the next episode 10/10 🙌

  20. Spl4sh Beats says

    Dis gives me ptsd when gotti done the 10 min challenge😭

  21. jay Lloyd says

    I heard unkown p on it still

  22. Kelly OTB says


  23. CJ Producer says

    Shout out ludo 🤮🤮

  24. Traumz Biggavelli says

    Can hear m1llionz and Digga , Even Unknown T

  25. M F says


  26. Ni-Ka Hikari 光 says

    Get mktheplug on here 🕺🎶

  27. Gas Gang opinions says

    My guy actually killed that serious beat

  28. Hugo fernandes says

    I want the beat for free

  29. Prvximiti says

    I wanna participate

  30. TSM_Slappie says

    why are they speaking like americans some of the time kinda weird

  31. STXRLXRD says

    Get @3lackondabeat on this one🤞🏾

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