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Amazing Health warm wheat container (Unscented Lady Bird)

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Product Amazing Health warm wheat container (Unscented Lady Bird)
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Hot container in woman bird cover full of wheat is an all-natural medicine complimentary remedy to discomfort alleviation, no water is needed they are just warmed in the microwave. Please note: despite the fact that these wheat containers are non perfumed, some might have small traces of aroma as they are made in a manufacturing facility with lavender wheat items. If this holds true after that the aroma will certainly pursue a brief time.

Microwaveable wheat container odorless and also lavender.
Good high quality, Weight 850g, Size comparable to routine 2L warm water container, approx: 14″ x 9.5″ (35.6 x 23.5 centimeters).
Great for cool evenings, for relieving discomfort alleviation and also no water is needed. Large sized container for additional heat.
No threat of rupturing or dripping. Easily moulds to relieve any type of location of the body. Wheat loaded. Contains particularly dealt with wheat grains. Made in England and also full of UK expanded wheat.

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